Josué Manso Boyero

Computer Science Engineer

Santa Marta de Tormes (SA - Spain)
035 586 616 43+

Professional Experience

Company: Global Exchange (Eurodivisas)
  • New software modules developing.
  • Modules analyzing and issue solving.
  • New modules designing.
  • Module testing
  • C# , .NET , JavaScript , AngularJS , HTML/5 , CSS/3 , ...
  • Level 3 - SAP IS-U Consultant
  • Issue ticketing solving, which require functional research on SAP modules
  • Locating where the functional issues are placed within the personalized SAP Modules
  • Performing the solutions suggested by the Analysts and Developers
Company: Innovation and Digital Production Services – University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Webpages designer and developer, working in a team of graphics designers and software developers.
  • PHP, HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, XML
  • CMS: Drupal, WordPress and Moodle.
Company: Innovation and Digital Production Services – University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Manager and teacher of some master classes as introduction to Arduino Platform.
  • Write the required documentation and purchase the materials.
  • Languages and Technology: Java, Arduino Platform and Processing.
Company: Innovation and Digital Production Services – University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Webpages designer and developer, working in a team of graphics designers and software developers.
  • PHP, HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, XML
  • CMS: Drupal, WordPress and Moodle.


  • Software Engineering: How to manage a software developing team, costs estimation, viability. UML modelling, requirements analysis.
  • Main Programming Languages: Java, C++, assembler code.
  • Object Oriented Systems: Object Oriented patterns, how to design object oriented projects, Java examples.
  • Advanced Databases: Object Oriented Databases, Object-relational databases, Deductive Databases, Distributed Databases and concurrency.
  • Distributed Operating Systems and concurrency.
  • Computational Logic and Artificial Intelligence Developing.
  • Robotics and real time proccessing.
  • Software Engineering: Several Systems development life cycle (Agile methods, Iterative methodologies – Rational Unified Proccess, Extreme Programming ).
  • Databases: ER designing, Relational Databases, SQL.
  • Programming Languages: C y C++ .
  • Parallel Programming and concurrency control.
  • Graphical User Interfaces design.
  • Networks: Topologies, protocols, Building networks design, physical structures and advanced setups.
  • Several Algorithms: search, routing, costs evaluation. How to select the best suitable algorithm in each project.
  • (Nov-Dec 2015) - Advanced .Net Devoloping Course – Paralelism, Delegates, Lambda Functions, LinQ, AngularJS, Entity Framework, ...
  • (July 2013) – International Robotics Program - Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) – Portugal..
  • (October of 2012 - June of 2013) - Scholarship; Junta de Castilla y León "Collaboration with university departments", working with the Department of Computer Science and Automation (University of Salamanca).
  • (February - July of 2009) - Scholarship of University of Salamanca "Collaboration in Teaching Innovation".

Educational Projects

This was a research project with the aim of merge computer vision and drones. Finally the software released allows to:
  • Link all the navigation data with each image of the video received.
  • Compose a panoramic image of the flown area.
  • Mark an area, and measure its real size.
CEABOT is the the humanoids competition organised by the Degree's Spanish Automation Comitee. The competition consist of three different challenges, without any human help:
  • Going up and downstairs as fast as the robot can.
  • Going from one line to another and coming back again, avoiding some arbitrary disposed columns. This must be done as fast as the robot can again.
  • Sumo Fighting: two robots fight themselves, achieving points by several rules.
As the robots have to achieve the challenges by themselves, they need a small work of Artificial Intelligence programming. My team used an Arduino board conected to the robonova mainboard, in order to gain a fastest processing activity. This allowed us to develop with Java the artificial intelligence algotithms.
Automation Department Collaboration - USAL
This time I created a web based interface for a Maintenance Planning Manager. It allowed the users to access with portable devices (such as tablet computers and smartphones).
Clinical Case is a training software, designed to help medicine students to improve their diagnosing skills. Divided into two main parts, Clinical Case Manager and Clinical Case Solve (hereinafter C.C.M. and C.C.S), I developed the first one.
The main objective of C.C.M. involve the creation and management of the virtual patients' medical histories.
As the medical history of each patient must be different, in order to have different exercises for different attempts and different students, the database was a huge recopilation of disseases, medical tests, medical results and so on; all of them linked by tags.
This offers a easily way to create a unique virtual patient each time and for each student.
Another important requirement was the use of a web browser to use the software, in order to be used under any operating system and everywhere.

Spoken languages


Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Programming Lang.












HTML / 5

CSS / 3



















Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

Additional Knowledge

XML, UML, OpenCV, RoboBasic, Arduino, Processing, Gimp/Photoshop

Additional Info

Driving license

Clean car and motorbike driving license.

  • I really love meeting other cultures, such as japanese, mostly because it offers you new points of view, and open your mind to a lot of opportunities which you never expected. Until you know people from other cultures, and before you travel to other countries, you don't really be concerned about how wide the world is.
  • In July'14 I passed the second year of japanese language at an intensive course offered by the Spanish-Japanese Cultural Centre – University of Salamanca. Thanks to it, I was able to complete two years of japanese studies in only one year time
  • I usually go roller-skating, specially when I need some relax time to get fresher ideas. With the help of some friends, we created the “Patinar en Salamanca” skating club, which still rising people's interest in this sport. We also promote events with skating clubs from other cities.
  • 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. I enjoy going anywhere with my DSLR camera. Everything around us could be an amazing image if you focus it on the correct angle. It taught me the relevance of always being aware of the world around us.